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Stemma Comune di Jesolo

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Made of Jesolo: About the Project

Every city desires to create exceptional experiences for its residents and visitors beyond the functional necessities of daily life. Jesolo offers a wealth of such experiences as a city - its beach, hospitality, hotels, shops, restaurants and architecture are special qualities of the city that form great moments in people’s lives – moments Made In Jesolo. But every city has room for improvement, and the bold ones look at the public space and areas that form the backdrop for people’s experiences and ask “what if” we paid more attention to some of the unsung, overlooked spaces in the city and created exceptional experiences there? Jesolo was one of the bold ones to ask that question.

As a member of the EUPA Public Art Project, Jesolo invited Urban Design Creative Director Scott Burnham and a team of students from Central Saint Martins, London, and a selection of Italian and international artists and designers to embrace quiet or marginal areas of the city to create a new type of public art experience for Jesolo to improve the daily experience of its citizens and its sizable summer resident population.

Environmental and fiscal concerns are a priority for the city of Jesolo and the creative team behind the project, so there was an emphasis on sustainable and resourceful approaches to the project. With these considerations in mind, Scott Burnham created a design strategy focused on re-using and re-purposing existing urban materials for new creative use.

Made of Jesolo Materials
Jesolo urban materials ready for creative re-use

From broken street lights to discarded lamp posts, cities hold a vast amount of material that is rarely appreciated for its creative possibilities. The starting point for Made of Jesolo began by appreciating the potential of these basic urban materials materials beyond their traditional function. The city and creative team took a new view of their existing stock, contemplating what if these basic urban materials were re-purposed as source material for teams of architects, artists and designers to use as the base material for their own creations in the city? As building blocks to create exceptional moments of fun, play and excitement, not only Made In Jesolo, but…


Comune di Jesolo
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