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Stemma Comune di Jesolo

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This on-line service allows paying with credit card the Rules of the Road violations.


Read carefully before executing a payment.

  • VISA and MASTERCARD are the ACCEPTED credit cards. ATM cards are NOT accepted
  • If the user has a safety password enabled for online payments(Verified by VISA, MasterCard Secure Code) and does not remember this code; which is NOT the Credit Card number,NOR the safety code that is on the back of the credit card, the transaction CANNOT be AUTHORISED and, therefore, the payment will NOT be carried out
  • If the user DOES NOT enter the safety code, the transaction CANNOT be EXECUTED and, therefore, the payment will NOT be carried out
  • If the credit card used was issued by a bank belonging to the INTESA-SAN PAOLO group, it must be previously activated for payments with the MonetaOnLine system; the activation can be executed accessing the website www.monetaonline.it , following the link "Accedi alportale titolari" (Access the credit card owners page) and entering the data that have been issued with the credit card
  • The user must make sure his/her credit card is valid, referring to the bank that issued the same card.

To access the service click on the link: Violazioni Codice della Strada - pagamento (Rules of the Road Violations - payment). A payment slip of the sanction, to be filled in with personal data, the data of the report, vehicle registration plate number, and the amount, is proposed in schematic form. Afterwards the system will propose a summary of the registered data, with the possibility to insert also an email address that will be used by the bank to send notification of the payment. After having confirmed the data, a page of the bank system will be displayed, this page allows the execution of the payment in safe modality.


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